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How is the round hole stitch connected?


Many friends should not industry for round hole row needles are very understanding, and some people even don't know what its role, actually it's not very perverse, but trust we have must understand, about coupling is round hole row needles is actually in the coupling part of he is equivalent to the heart of the coupling, without it, then coupling could achieve its power, then round hole row needles is how to join?

There are also many factors to be considered when connecting the round hole pin, and also the need to consider the requirements of touch resistance and mechanical stability. The specification and shape of the solder joints depends in turn on the welding skills and the planning of the connectors themselves. The through-hole and surface adhesion skills are significantly different in these two areas, and the opening of connectors is becoming more and more precise and important to the solder joints and their functions (especially the mechanical strength and deformation of the plastic body under load). As a result of circular hole in the connection of the needle must pay attention to these aspects, as far as possible not to affect the use of circular hole needle benefits

Discrimination circuit connection method of round hole row needles element coupling characteristics method: analysis of the connection mode of circuit components, one by one in order join series, side by side by two points of the circuit is in parallel current method: set sail from the power of the anode, along the electrical activity of the query, if the current flows into a branch point, two branch flows through each point of share out bonus element and then assembled, round hole row needles flow back to the cathode, the circuit in parallel. If one of the elements in a circuit is disconnected and no current flows through the other elements, the circuit is in series; If current is still flowing through the other elements, the circuit is in parallel.

The operating characteristics of each component in the circuit are analyzed and distinguished. If a component in the circuit is burnt out, other components cannot work, that is, the operation of each component in the circuit influences and restricts each other, then the circuit is a series circuit. If a component in the circuit breaks, the other components can still operate as usual, that is, the circuit is a parallel circuit if the operation of each component in the circuit does not affect each other. Circular hole pin in our current product structure, mainly small specification LCD TV panel and display, this is not surplus, but mobile phone panel business has been a stable surplus point.


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