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The characteristics and application of round hole exhaust bus


The characteristics and application of round hole exhaust bus

What are the characteristics of the material used by the round hole bushing manufacturer?

Clamping ring is made of oil-resistant rubber.

The clamping ring is specially designed with strong tension and no damage to the cable. It is not necessary to disassemble the fixed end, the cable can be directly threaded into and tightened, saving time and convenient use: general mechanical control box, cable distribution, machine, electrical cable fixation.

Material: polyester fabric on the back of the hand, 5mm white striped conductive silk, surface resistance 10, 7, cotton wool in the palm plus PVC non-slip.

Material: plastic and copper is especially suitable for working table, purification workshop, air shower room and all kinds of need to eliminate static electricity equipment to eliminate static electricity quickly: a static power grid generated by the amount of ions equivalent to more than 20 ion copper bar.

Material: SKH-51.

High temperature quenching: hardness HRC59°-61°.

Material: UL nylon 6/6, fire rating 94V-2.


What are the applications in THR technology?

In recent years, surface mount technology has developed rapidly, which plays an important role in the electronics industry. In addition to the full automated production scale effect, SMT has the following technical advantages: components can be mounted on both sides of the PCB to achieve high density assembly; Precision mounting is possible even with the smallest components.

The convenience of operation and the mechanical strength of the needles are also important factors. Connectors are usually the interface between the PCB motherboard and external components, so sometimes they may encounter considerable external forces.

The components assembled by the through hole technology are much more reliable than their SMT counterparts. Both compact and easy to mount, it is significantly different from the through-hole stitch in size and assembly form.

Usually, the high-power components are strong pull, squeeze or thermal shock, which can withstand, but not easily get away from THE PCB.

In some cases, these advantages are diminished by the reduction of component adhesion on the PCB. SMT components are characterized by design. It can meet the needs of high voltage and high current transmission. Therefore, sufficient electrical clearance and creepage distance must be considered in the design, which will ultimately affect the size of the component.


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