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What are the categories of round hole stitch connectors?


Do you know the classification of round hole needle arrangement? The following small make up to make a brief introduction for us.

Although there is some confusion in the classification of connector product types, but from the technical point of view, the connector product categories as long as two basic classification methods: according to the shape structure: round and rectangular (cross section), according to the operating frequency: low frequency and high frequency (bounded by 3MHz).

According to the above distinction, coaxial connectors are classified as circular, printed circuit connectors are classified as rectangular (historically, printed circuit connectors have indeed been separated from rectangular connectors of their own kind), and the prevalent rectangular connectors have a trapezoidal section that is approximately rectangular. The frequency distinction between low and high frequencies over 3MHz and radio waves is also fundamentally common.

As for other types by use, device method, special structure, special function, etc., many different types can also be distinguished, and often appear in publications and manufacturers' promotional materials, but generally just for the outstanding characteristics and use, the fundamental classification still does not go beyond the above distinction criteria.

In consideration of the technical development and actual situation of connectors, connectors can be classified into the following categories (classification) according to their generality and relevant technical standards: Rectangular connector; Printed circuit connector; Rf connectors; Optical fiber connector.

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