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How is the round hole needle plating done?


Round hole row needle roller plating is called roller plating in a severe sense. It is a certain number of small parts placed in a special drum, in the rolling state to direct conductive way to make the surface of the parts piled up on a variety of metal or alloy coating, to reach the surface to protect the decoration and various functional intentions of an electroplating processing method. Typical rolling plating process is like this: through the plating pretreatment of small parts into the drum, the parts rely on its own gravity effect of the cathode conductive equipment in the drum tightly pressed, in order to ensure that the parts plating required by the current can be smoothly transmitted.

Then, the drum at a certain speed according to a certain direction of rotation, parts in the drum after the rotation effect kept tumbling, down. Together, the main metal ions are reduced to metal coating on the surface of the parts after being affected by the electric field effect. The fresh solution outside the drum is continuously replenished into the drum through many holes in the drum wall, and the old liquid inside the drum and hydrogen generated in the electroplating process are also discharged out of the drum through these holes.

That is about how round hole row needles is the entire content of the plating, if you want to learn more about common sense, please pay attention to our official website, understand our official information in time, our company spirit of "take honestly as this," insisted to customers as the criterion, supply the best quality products and service for the general customers, welcome to contact us. Shenzhen Shenyangming Electronics Co., LTD. Is a professional platoon bus manufacturer which produces precision connectors and car wiring harness processing. Quality is the guarantee of enterprise development and livelihood, in the company's all production and management activities, adhere to the quality of the first is we based on the market, the prerequisite for achieving efficiency. Now main scope has a computer, electronic communication products, instruments, surface, industrial control, process control, digital camera, MP3, PDA, and a variety of mobile storage disk, card reader, DVD, LCM/LED display, electronic toys, threatening the plate, the line to the panels supply the most meticulous and reliable connection, professional produce shenzhen row needles, computer connector line, line, round hole, white row row needle, simple horn, platoon line, the FCC, USB, policy, horn, Jane cattle, guidelines, BOX, ATX, CE bus, electronic cable, connectors, power cable, USB cable, computer connector, video line.


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