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Round hole stitching is different from other concepts


Round hole stitching is different from other concepts

I. The first difference is the conceptual difference between "circular hole needle arrangement", "terminal" and "connector"

CONNECTOR with round holes. Also known as plug hole pin. Electronic engineers are often exposed to a component. Also known in China as connectors, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to the electric round hole needle. A device that connects two devices to transmit a current or signal.

(2) the connector is a kind of coupling circuit, the positioning of the joint is made up of some 2, namely the plug-in, and fittings, under normal circumstances can be completely respectively, switches and connectors in the same through the contact of the contact situation changes, the end, even the circuit by a change in the purpose of which the essence difference splice pieces out only in two cases, can switch on the body end circuit switch, and connector can not end on the ontology of change, connector contact corresponding contact, the existing fixed, therefore, connectors can also be called round hole row needles.

Terminal Terminal (English name). It is a kind of accessory product which is used for the end electrical connection. It is divided into the category of round hole needle arrangement in industry. Terminals are used to facilitate the connection of wires, which are originally pieces of metal sealed in insulating plastic with holes at each end to Pierce the wires. Terminal can be divided into WUK terminal, series, series, etc.

Ii. From the perspective of attribution, "circular hole needle arrangement", "wiring terminal" and "connector" are different.

"Round hole stitching = connector" is the first category, and the terminal is only one of the categories of "round hole stitching"

What is the difference between a socket and a round hole?

The round hole needle arrangement is the connection of line and line; The connector is the connection between the wire and the board and the box. In real life, we often refer to the same thing in a confused way.

The terminal to a round hole row of needles. The round hole needle arrangement is a general term. Originally, the commonly seen round hole needle arrangement generally includes housing and terminal. Housing is mostly plastic for maintenance purpose, and terminal is metal for guiding purpose.


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