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Circular hole needle is mainly used in what place?


Circular hole needle is mainly used in what place?

Although it is said that the application of circular hole needle more and more fields and industries, but what is the scope of circular hole needle application? Let's take a look:

Although there is a specification of hot-plug, the current needle plug is mainly designed for the use of internal hard disk, the maximum number of plug and pull is only about 200 times, beyond the number of plug and pull, the needle plug joint will deteriorate, and may even cause damage to the hard disk, even for the external application of the needle plug, the number of plug and pull is still only about about 2,500 times.

Driven by technological progress and cost reduction, the technological strength and industrial status of circular hole stitching will determine the development speed of relevant enterprises in China. Because, the emergence of new technology requires electronic enterprises to keep pace with the pace of technological progress, and the position of the industry also determines the position of enterprises in the upstream and downstream price negotiations.

In large and medium-sized cities, flat screen TV has entered the substantive popularization stage, but facing the price size of the interlocking, multifunctional technology, high and low-end products "dance" such a market, many consumers feel confused. Improve the production process and streamline the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the mass production process and makes it easy to maintain. If an electronic component fails, the component with circular hole can be replaced quickly for upgrading. With the progress of technology, the component with circular hole can be updated.


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