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The tolerance of round hole exhaust bus is analyzed


Tolerance of round hole bushing:

Traditional small RF "plate to plate" coaxial connectors, such as MCX, do not allow any tolerance, especially for plate to plate axial spacing tolerance. Future specifications such as SMP, MMBX, and IMP "plate-to-plate" coaxial connectors allow only finite tolerances. The tolerance plans are small and still require fine-grained positioning coordination.

"Board to board" SMP connector family, including SMP, SMP-Spring and SMP-Max. All three "board to board" connections consist of three components: two sockets attached to two PCBS or modules, and an adaptor attached to two sockets. Generally, one end of the adapter is formed into a snap-on and a socket to form a fixed "semi-permanent connection", which has greater cooperative persistence. The other end of the adaptor ACTS as a Slide-on in collaboration with the other socket, with less cooperative persistence. Various types of adapters ranging in length from 5.7mm to 37mm have been developed for different board spacing applications. Patch connector

In practice, radial and axial tolerances are necessary questions to be considered in application and installation. Radial tolerance is primarily intended to compensate for the mechanical tolerances of connectors and PCB planning and installation. While the Angle and axial tolerances are primarily related to the integrity level of the transmitted signal, the cooperative space will alter the impedance, causing the reflection and standing wave (VSWR) to become larger and the reliability to decrease.

Wire-to-wire connectors In order to achieve greater tolerance than traditional SMP "plate-to-plate" connectors, the second generation of "plate-to-plate" coaxial connectors, SMP-Spring, USES spring-loaded adapters. The spring program achieves a greater tolerance with a better performance in axial tolerance and a lower and more stable standing wave (VSWR) because the two ends are always in a fully cooperative condition. The disadvantages of SMP-Spring plan are that the Spring architecture plan is messy and the cost is high.

Smp-max, the third generation recently introduced in the mall, is an economical "plate to plate" coaxial connector with a greater tolerance program. As shown in Figure 2, SMP-Max USES a "bowl" plan on one end of its socket for a blind plug effect. The patented insulator support has an axial tolerance of up to 2.4mm, which is consistent with a low VSWR level. The specially designed tapered base pin in the socket causes less stress during deflection and increases stability.


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