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What are the details of the round hole stitch processing


With the rapid development of electronic technology, the circular hole needle arrangement has been developed to a large extent. The circular hole needle arrangement has a great effect on the electronic work.

According to the number of rows, there are single row bus, double row bus, three row bus, etc. According to the packaging rules have SMT patch, plug-in DIP(straight insert/bend insert); It can be used together for the corresponding needle arrangement, and different standard height can be customized.

Because the specifications used for different electronic products are not completely the same, there are also various types of manufacturers of circular hole stitching. According to the distance, the typesetting products can be roughly divided into five categories: 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm and 0.8mm.

The features, the job applications, you need to know all the features when you're working on the product.

The details of circular hole needle manufacturers, from this point of trust is very large engaged in circular hole needle peers are known. Round hole needle is a detail of the work, his various aspects are the needs of our own to explore more details.

Material characteristics of circular hole needle arrangement:

Materials: hand back polyester fabric, 5mm white striped conductive silk, surface resistance 10, 7, palm cotton wool cloth plus PVC anti-slip.

Material: plastic and copper in addition to the appropriate table, purification workshop, air shower room and a variety of requirements in addition to electrostatic equipment elimination of static sensitive: a static power grid in addition to the amount of ions equal to more than 20 ions of copper bar.


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