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How to guarantee the quality problem of circular hole needle arrangement


How should we guarantee the quality of round hole needle arrangement with skill? How much do we know about round hole stitching? The following description is how to guarantee the quality of circular hole needle arrangement. Skills can be used to guarantee the quality of circular hole needle arrangement. Specifically, there are the following points:

1, anti-static round hole needle electronic display screen assembly factory should have a good anti-static method.

2. Heat dissipation design The circular hole row needle will generate heat when working. Excessive temperature will affect the attenuation speed and stability of LED, so the heat dissipation design of PCB board and the ventilation and heat dissipation design of box will affect the embodiment of LED.

3. Design current value: the nominal current of circular hole needle is 20mA. Generally, it is recommended that the maximum current should not exceed 80% of the nominal value.

4. The temperature and time of wave-front welding must be strictly controlled. The preheating temperature is 100℃±5℃, the highest is not more than 120℃, and the preheating temperature rise is required to be stable, the welding temperature is 245℃±5℃, and the welding time should not exceed 3 seconds.

5. Control the perpendicularity of the lamp. For the straightly inserted circular hole needle, enough technical skills should be provided to ensure that the LED is perpendicular to the PCB board when going through the furnace.


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