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How to classify and effect the round hole bushing


According to different classification methods, round hole layout can be classified as follows:

1. According to the application nature, it can be divided into externally connected circular hole layout and internally connected circular hole layout.

2. According to the processing method, the pressure Type (CrimpType), the pressure Type (I.D.D.C Type) is also known as the piercing Type, the welding Type (SolderType) and the zero thrusting Type (Z.I.F-type).

3, according to the use of line on the plate circular hole layout, plate to plate circular hole layout, line to line (empty connection) circular hole layout, socket, input and output circular hole layout.

4. According to the method, PCB board circular hole bushing, flat cable circular hole bushing, coaxial cable circular hole bushing, embedded circular hole bushing, press-type circular hole bushing, angular circular hole bushing, and printing wiring board circular hole bushing.

5. According to the structure, there are general circular hole exhaust, wet waterproof circular hole exhaust, environmental resistant circular hole exhaust, air-tight circular hole exhaust, fire-resistant circular hole exhaust, and water-resistant circular hole exhaust.

What effect does round hole pin play in the circuit

Discriminant way round hole row needle component cohesion of the circuit characteristics method: analyze the measures for the cohesion of circuit components one by one in order to connect in series, side by side pick up two points of the circuit is in parallel current method: start from the power of the anode, along the current activities of observation, if the current flows into a branch point, two branch flows through each point of share out bonus components meet again after a little, round hole row needles anode, flow back to the power supply circuit for parallel. If one of the elements in a circuit is disconnected and no current flows through the other elements, the circuit is in series; If current is still flowing through the other elements, the circuit is in parallel.

The operating characteristics of each component in the circuit are analyzed and distinguished. If a component in the circuit is burnt out and other components cannot work, that is, the operation of each component in the circuit is mutually affected and restricted, then the circuit is a series circuit. If one component in the circuit is burnt, the other components can still operate as before, that is, the circuit is a parallel circuit if the operation of each component in the circuit does not affect each other. Circular hole pin in our current product structure, mainly small LCD TV panel and display, this is not surplus, but mobile phone panel business has been a stable surplus point.


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